Tuesday, 7 March 2017 - Admin Login (Find Username Password)

By With No comments: is the IP Address used by most of the routers which are sold worldwide these days. Everybody need to use a router whenever they are trying to access the internet on their PC. Though most of the routers sold worldwide are for personal consumption, even if you are going to use the internet in any office, school, college or pretty much any institute routers are mandatory. Routers are the base f your internet connection, and is the base IP of the router.

How you can use

As I told you earlier, 192.168.l.l is the IP dress which is used by routers all over the whole world. Not to mention this is most probably the standard for router login IP’s. Like most of the companies either have (also famously known as 192.168.l.l) or (mostly for apple mac’s networks) for login to their network dashboard. Image

You can use this IP to login to your router and change some settings. You can do various things with or 192.16.l.l, mostly useful for administrative stuff. Like you can change the network name, password and details by going to and then login with the right username and password.

How to Find Username and Password For ( Your Router

You need username and password to login to; you have it right? Well even if you don't then just follow this guide to learn how you can find the Username Password of

Normally when you buy a router for the first time, you get a paper containing your routers admin username and password. However, If you are someone who doesn't know about this and now need to find the username and password of your router so that you can log in to it, then you are in luck.

Because there are many ways to find the username and password of a router. Thought before i jump into those guides i would like to mention one thing- “most of the routers have admin as both the default username and password.” So you can first try by entering this on the login page. If you are in luck, then you will be able to login to your router without doing much of hassle.

However if after entering admin and admin as username and password, and the login doesn’t work then you will need to find the login details manually. What you can do now is search on google for the particular router model (that you own right now) + username and password.

However even after trying so many things you see that you can’t login to your routers admin dashboard, then you have reset your router.

You can do this by clicking on the reset button which you can find under the router, Well by this way you can find the routers username and password if you forget it somehow.

I hope you find this admin login guide useful, drop a comment below if you need any help regarding login into your router dashboard, i will love to help you.

Friday, 13 January 2017

MX Player APK 1.8.15 Latest Version 2017 Free Download

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MX Player is the name of the best video player of this world. I don't know the name of that many music or video player which are available on Android as i am mainly an iPhone user (i use my Samsung Galaxy s6 quite frequently, though!). But among all those names mx player is the one which i trust the most and love the most.

MX Player is one of the world's most popular media player apps, and it supports most of the media formats and moreover that even watching various language movies like Korean, Chinese you can use the subtitle feature of mx player to get an idea of what the characters of the film are saying.

Download MX Player 1.8.15 For Android 2017

If you want to download the latest version of mx player, then please use their official website. I have provided the link to download mx player 1.8.15 (current version) below this paragraph. Please use that.

MX Player.apk Download (Official Website Link)

MX Player v 1.8.15 Apk Download (Mirror Link)

Google Play Store Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad&hl=en

The reasons to download and install mx player on your phone, are the following:

1. It's free.
2. It supports most of the media formats which you will ever find.
3. The design of mx player is super clean.
4. Unlike other shady media player apps mx player don't show that many ads.
5. It's true that mx player also shows ads while you watch video on it, but the ads are very minimal, and they don't bother me at all.
6. Then There's A pro version which is just awesome; it's called mx player pro. You can purchase it from the Google play store it you want.
7. The MX Player is not that expensive unlike other Android apps professional versions.

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